Car Battery Problems: Dealing with Temperatures

Have you ever gone out on a cold morning and gotten in the car only to find the engine won't turn over? This might be because the car battery has been sitting in a frigid state all night. Extreme temperatures cause issues for car batteries. This is because your car battery has three main parts: electrodes, electrolyte solution, and battery case.

Extreme cold temperatures slows down the chemical reactions in your car battery. The battery's ability to power up and start the vehicle is slowed down or completely missing in some cases. This is why batteries must have a CCA or cold-cranking amperage rating.

Extreme heat can also affect a car battery as it speeds up the chemical reactions inside of the battery, leading to corrosion. If you are having issues with your battery, you can always talk to the experts in our service center at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Klamath Falls located in Klamath Falls, OR and get a battery check.

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